Best Outdoor Apps for iPhone

NatGeo has posted the top outdoor, wilderness Apps for you iPhoners and your iPhone. Check them out:


Moon Atlas
Cost: $5.99
Gorgeous atlas of the moon, richly detailed, high resolution, and search by name, too.
MoonMap Lite
Cost: Free
A great first moon map, but "lite" is the operative term: The NASA photos of La Luna are useful for basic ID of seas, canals, and more, but you might crave higher resolution. SoLuna
Cost: $.99
If your werewolf intuition isn't quite strong enough, get this simple lunar phase almanac. Finally learn what "gibbous" means and be able to answer, "Is the moon full tonight or tomorrow night?" Star Walk
Cost: $4.99
The prettiest and most enjoyable way to scan the night sky short of walking outside and looking up. Starmap
Cost: $11.99
Simpler and not as pretty as Star Walk, Starmap actually has more controls, faster searches, and more stellar info. SNOW

Ski Report
Cost: Free
Despite a clunky design, this is a killer app: Everything a snow geek needs to know about ski and board conditions worldwide. iTrailMap 3D
Cost: Free
Displays a three-dimensional view of the resort, so you can grasp the topography you're riding faster than with any trail map. iTrailMap
Cost: Free
This freebie is the best software for viewing trail maps. The North Face Snow Report
Cost: Free
This is the best designed, most modern-looking of all the snow reports, but not always easy to navigate. REI Snow Report
Cost: Free
It's free, but be forewarned: This snow reporting app is poorly organized, slow, and very commercial. Ski Jump Lite
Cost: Free
Almost as addictive as ski jumping itself. Download NOW. Utah Snow Report
Cost: Free
Nicely built, useful, and clever—this Beehive State snow report also includes direct links to call the resorts. TRAIL/NAVIGATION

Google Earth
Cost: Free
Free, fun, and there's nothing like it for seeing the blue marble at a glance. iMapMyFitness
Cost: Free
Record, upload and share training runs, rides, hikes, etc. This iPhone app works seamlessly. Motion-X GPS Lite
Cost: Free
There are dozens of apps that use the iPhone's GPS to record speed, distance, routes, waypoints, but this comes closest to "real" GPS. No maps, though. Trails
Cost: $2.99
Its emphasis is on tracking routes and waypoints and the maps are excellent.

Cost: Free
Uses Google Maps to track your route, but you can't add waypoints.


Oakley Surf Report
Cost: Free
Could be the best outdoor app yet: This surf report does everything well, including giving tide info, forecasts, and inside info on wave dynamics.

Cost: $4.99
RiverGuide tells you current conditions on just about every creek, river, or waterway you can put in. Must-have for paddlers.


Bicycle Gear Guide
Cost: $4.99
Calculate gear ratios—if you're a wrench, single speeder, or fixie fanatic, you'll find it irreplaceable. If not, not.

Cost: Free
Map My Fitness is a big social networking site that allows you to upload and share training rides—this is the bike version.


Absolute Fitness
Cost: $15
Out of dozens, perhaps scores or even hundreds of fitness trackers, this is the best.


Cost: Free

Weather Bug
Cost: Free
AccuWeather, Weather Bug, and the Weather Channel offer solid free weather apps, but AccuWeather has the most features, the most video reports, and the best interface. WeatherBug beats it on multi-location reporting.

Cost: Free
Turns your screen white. Helpful when trying to find, well, anything.

Knots, Splices, & Ropework
Cost: $1.99
Learn the ropes from this classic 1917 book.


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