More Sales with E-Commerce iPhone Apps


Analytics Pro; $3.99
If you're not using Google Analytics to measure your Web site's performance, you're missing out. Not only does it provide detailed statistics on site visits, page views, traffic sources, and more, but it's completely free. Now you can access the same detailed reports that Google Analytics offers with an easy-to-navigate iPhone app. Analytics Pro lets you view stats for multiple sites, making it easy to manage several at once. We're thrilled that the latest version added a landscape mode so that users can view reports by holding their iPhones sideways. That extra room makes it much easier to read report information.

Cellfire Mobile Coupons; free for application, contact for service pricing
This iPhone app isn't for you, but for your future customers. Cellfire is a free application that delivers digital coupons to cell phone users (the company offers applications for other phones besides the iPhone). Business owners can choose who sees their coupons based on region, so if you're a local company only locals will see your offer. When people use the app, they choose the coupon they want to view from the Cellfire interface, then press a button to use that coupon when they're ready to pay for the product or service.

Credit Card Terminal; $49.99
Sure, you love the work, you love being your own boss, but nothing beats getting paid — now. With Credit Card Terminal, that expensive iPhone can start earning its keep. You'll need an Authorize.net account to use it, so sign up for a merchant account first, if you haven't already. Once you're done, you'll be able to set up Credit Card Terminal in less than five minutes. You only need to enter your ID and transaction key once; the app remembers that information afterwards. Enter a customer's credit card number, expiration date, payment amount, and zip code and you're all set. The app offers fraud protection, including AVS (Address Verification Service) and Card Security Code (CVV2/CVC/CID), so you don't need to worry about getting scammed. Once you send a transaction, you'll know instantly whether or not it was approved.

Ring It Up POS; $39.99
If you don't work out of an office, but instead visit your clients at their homes or offices, Ring It Up POS helps you get paid quickly and keep track of sales. Once you've downloaded the app, create a catalog with your entire inventory of goods and services (including any discount coupons). Then, after you've made a sale, you can create an invoice of the transaction just by tapping the purchased items.

Salesforce Mobile; app free but requires account
If you're already a Salesforce CRM customer, you'll love having this app on hand. It puts all the tools of Salesforce in your pocket, so that you can spend more time away from your computer. With it, you can view dashboards of sales numbers, log your customer calls, access current account activity, and respond immediately to new leads

SunShop Tool; $6.99
For those who use SunShop shopping cart software, this app is the perfect extra. SunShop lets small business owners create an online store and costs $249.99 for a standard license. Use it to create a customizable online presence in minutes and accept credit cards. With the iPhone app you can view up-to-the-minute sales statistics and monitor your store's performance wherever you go.

Thirsty Pocket; free
For quick one-time sales, you've got to check out Thirsty Pocket. This app is like a mobile version of Craig's List, but better. You simply snap a picture of what you're trying to sell using the iPhone's camera, write a brief description — and you're done. We love that there's no need to create an account, since the app creates one automatically.

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