Touchgrind - iPhone Skateboard Game

In a world first, Illusion Labs has created a multitouch skate game for the iPhone: Touchgrind. The game is unique in that finger gestures are used for control, similar to the motion of the legs and feet on a real skateboard.

TouchGrind is a skateboarding game for the iPhone, and it's probably the most addictive game I have played since Desktop Tower Defense. Don't expect some crazy, Tony Hawk style jump-fest -- Touchgrind has a physics engine so real it can be just as frustrating as riding a real board. It's also controlled in much the same way as a real skateboard, with two fingers replacing the usual two feet.

In fact, anyone used to fingerboards -- those miniature finger controlled skateboards -- will feel immediately at home. I used to have one years ago and the learned muscle memory works great with the iPhone version.

Success in the competition mode, which involves scoring points against the clock, unlocks more courses and better boards, although noobs will be happy (and stuck) on the lower levels for some time. As a quick, pick up and blast game, it can't be beat. I prefer it to Monkeyball, my previous favorite time waster. And best of all, it's only $5.

Product page [Touchgrind]

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