Obama begins U.S. Health Care reform - YAY!!!

“President-elect Barack Obama has begun laying the groundwork for overhauling the troubled U.S. healthcare system, reaching out to interest groups and building grass-roots support for the huge undertaking.

‘Every American is feeling the pressure of high health costs and lack of quality care, and we feel it’s important to engage them in the process of reform,’ said Obama

Lawmakers have already swung into action even though the new Congress will not be seated until Jan. 6.

Former Sen. Tom Daschle, shown at the Democratic National Convention in 2008, wants Americans to brainstorm about overhauling health care.”

Senator Daschle

In a speech to be delivered Friday in Denver, Mr. Daschle will say, ‘The president-elect made health-care reform one of his top priorities of his campaign, and I am here to tell you that his commitment to changing the health-care system remains strong and focused.’ [Mr. Daschle] is slated to oversee health-care policy in the Obama administration, is kicking off the effort to pass a comprehensive health-care plan.”

Free health care for all?

I fuckin’ hope so man I don’t wanna die young :0

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