Laura Bush Killed A Guy

Laura Bush Killed A Man In Texas back in ‘63

If you didn’t know this maybe you should. It can either teach you that anyone can get anywhere considering the circumstances, even if you (accidentally) kill a friend.

So - if any of you happened to be watching Family Guy this week, you may have noticed that the opening of one episode depicted Peter and Lois Griffin dressed up as Laura Bush and a bloodied man with tire tracks:

Here is the opening sequence in which Peter Griffin dresses as Laura Bush for a costume party and his wife Lois dresses as a bleeding man with tire tracks across his body. The characters repeat several times “Laura Bush Killed A Guy!”

“News reports stated that Michael Douglas (not the actor) died after suffering a broken neck. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Midland Memorial Hospital. There have been numerous rumors over the years regarding Laura Welch’s conduct at the time and whether she was at fault for the accident. Some have insinuated that Laura Welch was criminally negligent and/or she had been drinking. However, no lawsuits or charges were ever filed. There is no evidence of wrongdoing on her part.”

The man was thrown from his car and was killed instantly. Laura was informed later and I’m sure was devastated. However, she was obviously not punished for manslaughter. Not sure why. :(

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