buck rogers update by go hero for december 2008

A trio of Go Hero-Buck Rogers-Update here, before 2008-ends:

UPDATE #1: The bad news is; production delays may have resulted in some folks not being able to receive their Bucks before Christmas - but the good news is, new features have been added to the figure to make up for the delay, as well as to make the figure even better. Additions include: [1] an actual Glass Bubble Helmet, [2] Die-cast studs on the bubble helmet chest piece, and [3] Die-cast buckles (for several straps). CLICK to get re-acquainted with the 1/6th-scaled space hero on TRE!

UPDATE #2: And what's this about a 1/6th-scaled Buck Rogers ROCKET? Go Hero is currently working on a single passenger rocket - tentatively scheduled for a prototype-debut by New York Comic Con 2009! How big do you think the rocket would be to fit 1/6-Buck?

UPDATE #3: Frank Miller has been announced to be on board to direct & write the new Buck Rogers movie! And to "commemorate" this occasion, I whipped-up a black+white+red version of how it may look like (above-right), if given the Miller-Sin-City-Spirit-treatment! ~ heh.

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