Why is Apple such a douche sometimes?

First of all there's those ads ^ which are just lame I mean seriously, come on.

And then there's stuff like this: APPLE ABSENT FROM UNIVERSAL CHARGER PUSH, where it's just obvious that they aren't driven to help their customers, but instead are more interested in their financial success. But can we really hold that against them?

They are certainly within their right, obviously, to make their products as exclusive as can be. And with a reliance on quality over price, Apple has definitely found their niche. With excellent customer service, (they even taught my 80-year-old grandfather how to use a computer), Mac has carved itself a place in the tech world no other company could ever hope to replace.

But this is where the problems begin...when you realize that because Macs are Macs, and are not compatible with the rest of the tech world, it becomes more difficult to upgrade your hardware, especially laptops, software can be really difficult to find for the mac, and even things like that little jack for your headphones on the iPhone doesnt allow you to use your favorite pair of Seinheissers, so you have to shell out the 20 bucks for the mac headphone earbuds (which look retarded in my opinion) and the charder etc etc etc.

The iPhone is the shit. You can watch Porn on it, anywhere, iPhone-Porn.us has solved that for us...but I want to see Jobs and the rest of the Apple team take a nod from Obama and stop worrying about their stock prices for once, just once...make a universal charger and stop being a fuckin DOUCHE.

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