Pull My Finger and other iPHONE Apps make it into App Store

Here 'tis. The new iPHONE app PULL MY FINGER.

Pull My Finger, Fart Machine, iPooted and Flatulence all made their debut Dec. 12. Another program, iWarnU, was posted Dec. 2. after at first being rejected by Apple.

“It was definitely a matter of taste,” said Sam Magdalein of Air-O-Matic. “I’d gotten an original e-mail from Apple saying no because the program was of limited utility.

"That didn’t make much sense at the time, because they had all sorts of apps that were of limited utility. So, I contacted them and they said it actually was because they thought some people would find it offensive, and they didn’t want to have anything like that in the store.”

-Suzanne Choney

Apple takes everything they put their stamp on very, very seriously.

Which is why all the free iPHONE porn is available on the internet, not a the app store.

See: iPHONE-PORN.us, it's amazing!

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